Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've missed you!! 
I'm back in my home state, and settled in Upstate New york at Quilting By the Lake where I will be teaching all week! Here's my little dorm room, and I'm here with my pod mates, Ann Johnston and Elizabeth Busch.  It's going to be a fun week!

Love this version of my Stripe it rich quilt!

It has been an awesome trip this summer. Visiting, teaching and lettering all over the midwest... I left yesterday morning very aryl to drive 11 hours to Syracuse... on the way, I made a pit stop at Niagara Falls as I had never been there... What a sight!  (Stripe it rich quilt pattern here)

It was just the calming view I needed after the way my early morning started out....

Driving along yesterday early, music playing... la la la... The car in front of me suddenly goes right off the road taking out 30 feet of guard rail...crashes and flips...
I stopped right behind him, and called 911 right away... Amazingly... the guy was fine... Here he is inspecting his car...
I'm so happy he was OK, holy moly... I was quite frazzled after that.. I chatted with him a bit until the police got there...One lucky dude... He fell asleep and it only took about 3 seconds...
Not a scene I want to come across again, anytime soon....

When he got out of the car, Through the back of his min van... and I found out he was pretty much OK, (the air bag bruised him up a bit)
I asked if I can call any of his family...

He didn't know any of his families phone numbers... they were al on his phone....

Learn your important people's phone numbers...

You may need them one day when you don't have your phone...


Be safe my quilty friends...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Sewing Party


“The Sewing Party” is the first ever online-all-day DIY event in history!

 On November 8, 2014, thousands of DIY-ers will gather for a fun-filled day of sewing and crafting classes taught online by leading bloggers and educational experts. It’s all about Connecting. Crafting. And Creating.

Attendees will have access to more than 30 online classes available on the day of the event and for an additional 90 days. There is truly something for everyone! Classes include home décor, fashion sewing, quilting and upcycling, crafting, costume design, techniques for turning your craft into an entrepreneurial venture, and more!
Space is limited and likely to fill up fast! For just $40, “The Sewing Party” participants can attend classes; chat with participants from across the country; interact with top bloggers and educational experts who are teaching; and explore the latest crafting and sewing tips, techniques and products in our marketplace.


Anyone who registers for “The Sewing Party” from your blog between July 16 and July 31 will receive a free “The Sewing Party” t-shirt! The t-shirts are SUPER cute and valued at $20.

Simply  enter LETSPARTY in the Promo Code box when they register. 

Let’s Party!  Register today at– space is limited!
$40 Registration Fee.


Wanna win a FREE Ticket?
 “LIKE” one of “The Sewing Party’s” social media channels below, and let me know,  Links to our platforms are listed below.

  tell me in the comments which,  besides Quilting,  is your favorite sewing activity?
home décor, fashion sewing, and upcycling, crafting

I will draw a winner July 27th at 8pm...


“The Sewing Party” brings together some of the best in the industry for this FIRST EVER event. Our stellar lineup of sponsors includes:

The Sewing Party is a US-only event.  They hope to expand the party internationally next year, but it is limited to the US only for 2014.   

Monday, July 14, 2014

Where now...

Where now, Brown cow?

I'm back in Kansas!  Now, I'm in Lawrence, about to do two lectures and a workshop.  I have a nice hotel room with a separate sitting area, so I moved right in, to get a few things done...  Had a few brilliant ideas while driving,and I hate missing out capturing the creative electricity created when you get a fun idea! Must act on it immediately!  Well, maybe not immediately, or I'd be sewing on the shoulder of the freeway....

I had a lovely time in St. Louis! (thimble and thread quilt guild.) MEMORABLE that is for sure! "A FIRST" happened...
I gave my lecture last Friday night, and I'm about 20 minutes into it...I notice a woman sort of slump in her be safe,  I ask if a doctor is in the house and two nurses run over to check on her.. 

Now, my pals who know me, and who have heard my lecture, like to joke, that I give people heart attacks when I start talking about cutting Quilt tops up... so, I thought, wow... What Have I done!  Well, I can say, the local EMT's were there in a  jiffy, swept her up and off to the hospital...We heard later, it was a food allergy. She was discharged and home before we finished our meeting.  
Wow...that was a first... 
I am so glad she is fine, and that I didn't really contribute to that! What a trooper she was... Glad she's better!  I believe she was also thanked for bringing in 5 hunky EMT's...  ;-) she smiled and waved as she was rolled out...

I then had to pick right back up and keep on going... 
I started going Full Speed Ahead to try to make up time, and my friend Edie, took this picture of me... (below)

She is convinced that this is my only speed...

My friend Kevin H, of Kevin the quilter, came to the lecture and the Workshop. I asked him if he'd bring along his version of my Star Splitter Quilt! here they are! It's so fun to see how other people riff on your own designs... It's such an honor to see it... Thanks Kev!

Driving back from St. Louis to Kansas, I had a day to take my time. so I hit every antique ship on 1-70 as I could... I picked up a few goodies along the way, including a few new vintage sundresses...

...and, quilt tops, and finished quilts!!  check out this string pieced apple core top... so up my alley! right? I had to bring it home... Found some screaming deals on unique quilts... QUILT JOY!

Here's a bit of the student work from the St. louis class...  Fun scrappy houses, Dresdens are always popular... and even some large star tops already in progress! A great group, and I'm so pleased to have spent the day with the guild! Thanks Thimble & Thread Quilters!!

So today and tomorrow,  Kaw Valley Quilt Guild!  Come on over tonight or tomorrow morning for the lecture.......

Wednesday I head to Naperville, IL to the Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild! July 17-18th

Then Saturday July 19th, I head to Syracuse for Quilting By the Lake!  I still have a few spots in my classes, if you want to come pop in!
I'm also doing a Lecture on July 24th at 2pm, ( My 15 year Wedding Anniversary!!!   haha! oops.)
I can't wait, we are going to have so much fun! Come PLAY!!!

Come see the QBL quilt show, and vendors!

Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Day Fall Foliage Cruise

As I travel around this summer through the midwest, I've had the flyers out for this Cruise that I will be teaching on.  I am so excited to say, that I will be seeing so many of the quilters I've meet again, on this cruise!  
I hope to see you there too! What fun to have ship full of familiar faces!  
...And Many new ones!

Come along with us!

All the info you need is at:

Quilting Educators
Stevii Graves, Shelly Pagliai, Anita Grossman Solomon, Margie Ullery
and Victoria Findlay Wolfe

on our 7 Day New England Fall Foliage Cruise

September 27-October 4, 2015

7 Day Quilting Cruise 

From:  $969 per person/double 
The above price is for those taking classes,
discounts will be given for those who are not participating in a workshop.

Your quilter cruise pricing includes:    
    · Shipboard accommodations
· All onboard meals and entertainment
· VIQ Welcome party and reception
· Farewell gathering with show & share
· All classes and workshops*
· Sewing machines
· Operational support for sewing machines 
· Optional Make It -Take It Activities
· Biggest “Splash from your Stash” contest*
· Open sewing sessions
· Surprises and gifts

· Discounted cruise rates for non-quilters

DayPort  ***ArriveDepartActivity
Day 1Boston, Massachusetts 5:00 PM
Day 2Portland, Maine 7:00 AM 6:00 PMDocked
Day 3Bar Harbor, Maine 7:00 AM 5:00 PMTendered
Day 4Saint John, New Brunswick 7:00 AM 5:30 PMDocked
Day 5Quilting Day at Sea
Day 6Halifax, Nova Scotia 9:00 AM 6:30 PMDocked
Day 7Quilting Day at Sea
Day 8Boston, Massachusetts 6:00 AM

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where am I now?

(Warning: A long post to make up for a week of missing posts!)

Yes, I am a farm girl... I may live in NYC, But I was born and raised on a beef cattle farm in Minnesota, with International Tractors and Chevy trucks... My first lessons in driving was on a Farmall tractor... And I am obsessed with International Harvester RED... Maybe that is why RED is in every quilt I make...  On my travels, from the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts,   (see why it's so cool my quilts are hanging in a BARN Museum in Wisconsin?) That farm thing keeps coming up...

Did I mention the book will be out in January??   
I'm excited can you tell?

I went to Waunakee, WI and sewed for two days at  Millhouse Quilts,(Thank you Diane for letting me SEW in your great shop!) with my friend Trish... We got to talking about overalls and red shirts somehow, and I recalled a photo of  myself as a young one, with striped osh kosh overalls and a red t-shirt on as a kid... And it hit me...

I have to make the International harvester Quilt... in double Wedding ring. 

Weird how memories take hold, and even stranger....that I was compelled to make a tractor quilt, right?
Number 21, in the DWR series!

 Millhouse had a line of cotton/linens in blue jean fabrics, and I bought all of them....

So I leave Wisconsin and head to Missouri to see my friend Shelly, from Prairie Moon Quilts... I'm barely out of the car and onto a horse...
 Giddy Up Bonnie!
(That is a completely side note, but I will get back on track with this story if you stick with me...)

That was great fun...Next, Shelly and I scoot off to Sew Sweet Quilt Shop in Brunswick, MO, to stay at the retreat center, and sewed for 5 days straight! 

I was on a mission, I had that extra Double Wedding Ring quilt to make for a fall exhibit... and this would be my only time to get it made on this work road trip... 

I was off and running, feverishly working on this quilt, adding elements, adding appliqué, all the while knowing that, by Sunday night, I had to be done with this quilt to leave it for Shelly to quilt for me... ( It must be done in August)

We sewed 4 days on our own, and on Saturday had 20 others come and sew with us. Which was great fun...  (even with a sewing machine snafu, but that is a story for another day) Love my JUKI!!  Friends, Klonda and Edie, and many other FB pals, all sewing in one room! Klonda brought along her quilt she made from my pattern in AP&Q, ( pattern available here) my version below

...And by Sunday evening, 11:39 pm, my Tractor quilt, "Big RED" was finished... with tractor tire tracks around it, and corn stalks and all....

WAHOO! The final stitches!

BIG RED, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, July 2014

If that wasn't enough fun, we left there and went to Hamilton, MO to see Jenny Doan, at the Missouri Star Quilt Co.
One Inspiring Lady!
We got the whole tour of the 8 building, quilt shop. (Yes you heard me right)  Amazing...

And now, I'm in Wichita Kansas at the Prairie Quilt Guild til Thursday morning....

I'm off to drop off to sleep.

What great week it's been!

Are you tired after reading all this?
 I am ...

See you in St. Louis... Friday!