Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thank you!!

THANK YOU!!! OODLES More signature blocks have come in! I'm so far behind on squaring them up! I wish I could thank you each individually, but, many don't have email addresses included, so I send a HUIGE THANK YOU out to the universe and hope it finds you!

If you would like to contribute one, please do! Even after this large pile, I am not anywhere near a king size.  LOL! Like I said, I will be gathering these all year long. The link will always be in the side bar.

Beauties! I love them all! Thank you!!!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Classroom ready!

I spent all day getting the classroom space and my home, ready for Monday's DWR class! Yay!  Run, run, run, all day long...It feels good to now have conquered the leftover mess that was here from my moving my workspace studio to the next building.  Finally everything is back in it's place... Back to work! Ready for creations! Bring on the peeps!  

Separately, I have been without water in my kitchen sink for a month... Today they wrapped up repairs, so my hallway that has been ripped apart, and had everything sitting in the middle of my loft.  Finally, is all repaired! Better! I have water! No more running to the bathroom to wash my dishes!   
My husband emailed me a few pics he took on his phone,from the India trip... Can you spot the tiger?  Look closely! Cool. (and yes it was cool yet... that explain why I have the quilt with me.) Cool on the elephant in the morning, until that sun came up nice and high... then you'd be shedding layers! Hot!

Below is a shot of Beatrice and I walking around the Jama Masjid Mosque in Dehli. All women had to be in full length robes, I love the color... ;-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

pushing for some creativity

I took a bit of time to day to dig out all all the pieces I've made teaching during my workshops, and started putting them up on my wall to look at... Not sure if they will become one thing or 5 things! But taking the time to PLAY is so important to rejuvenating my creativity... after sending the rest of the day at my computer doing boring paperwork.

Y-seams anyone?

now that I think about it....

I'm thinking a very groovy Double wedding ring might be in order....

Just because.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sewdown Nashville.

Home from Nashville Sewdown with the Modern Quilt Guild! A great weekend of fabric flying, ideas swirling and creativity everywhere you looked! Myself,  Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander, and Angela Walters taught classes, and Elizabeth Dackson,  Alexia Abegg and Maddie Kertay gave lectures at our meal times.
I taught  my 15 Minutes of Play class, and we worked on made fabrics, and many skill building techniques.  Including the dreaded Y seam!  Sorry you missed the class, right? hehe!  Love the Mini Dresdens being played with in solids, above!

It's always great to walk around class to see all the beautiful fabrics. Just when you think you've seen them all, another color appears and you want it. All of it, really! Right?  Ooh! So pretty!

Very creative ideas!  Here the Made fabric is begin turned into a yoke for  the front fo a childs dress! Isn't it the cutest thing ever!!!
Dresden play with Made fabrics, are always fun! Making new friends is always the best at these events.

Meeting up with Old friends is always great too! SO nice to see you Rene and Leanne!  (Having a walk around in Downtown Nashville. ;-)

The trip to Anna Maria's house was fun! Beautiful space, and a house that looks exactly how you think a Anna Maria house would look! Full of amazing color and prints. She was very kind to have 90 of us in her home and studio.

Her "fabric Room" below...  yep. Fantastic! A few bundle "pretties" came home with me, too!

At the end of the event, people who bought new Janome Machines,  asked us all to sign them! Never been asked to do that before! FUN!

Such a nice event, and so many new friends... I hope your weekend was filled with fabric and friends too! So nice to be back home. ;-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Got the Blues

I got the BLUES!
My BLUE DWR commission is still sitting on my wall.  (two months now.)  I needed to buy more BLUES, so I did that Sunday at City Quilter... Now I am ready to rock and roll, and get this quilt figured out, and made! 
Can you believe this will be my 20th Double Wedding ring?

 I collect a huge pile of fabric when I begin. I like to have as many options at my finger tips as possible when I start, then I add, edit, and substitute unit l get it just right. Follow that Intuition!

This quilt will be KING size, so I'm really considering what the over all design and effect will be.   The Client only specified, She wanted king Double Wedding ring in blue, so my playing field is complexity open! LOVE THAT! That is the most fun about quilt making for me... Playing around, trying new things, and see where it will lead me. 

My biggest challenge for me, personally, on this quilt, is BLUE. It is not my favorite color to work with... Although I do like a good navy/indigo, particularly in my blue jeans. ;-) I can wear it as a favorite color, but to work with....Well, I sure would like to drop in about 50 more colors!  We will see how well I do on that!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quilts of Color!

The show is on! I can not wait to go and see this show on April 25th... Wish I could go now!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

this week...

Well the long arm, has made it from my house Long Island, to my new studio in NYC! 

I had not planned on bringing it in so soon, as I was really enjoying having all the extra space! LOL! It certainly takes up a load of room, BUT, I will now be able to use it more often, instead of waiting to get to my house on weekends!  

This move also means that I had to spring clean, just two months after moving into my space! THE DUST BUNNIES!!! Goodness!  

 Liza Lucy was in town yesterday, and she stopped by to see the new digs, and brought me some yummy Kaffe fabrics.
Which is always lovely!
...of course!!!!

Speaking of KAFFE, So what else is up in Bumble Beans Studio? I'm getting a binding on a quilt that sold, made mostly of Kaffe fabric. (note this was quito was made in 2009!) Yes, I have many quilts that are done, but are missing the binding! In fact, I have a whole bin of them quilted, but without binding!  I bet I'm not the only one who procrastinates binding!  I LOVE BINDING!!! But I get them piled up and then can't keep up, sigh. Better late then never, right? So I'm thrilled it has now found it's new home!


Besides that I am packing up to head to Nashville for the Modern SEWDOWN! A fun weekend lies ahead!  Hope to see a few of you there!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rachel May

A fun day at City Quilter in NYC! Jan Johnson, Caroline Mason, Lisa Mason, Rayna Gilman, Myself, and Rachel May, (author of Quilting with a Modern Slant) did a panel talking about our work in Rachel's Book. It really is a beauty of a book, packed full of info of a wide inclusive amount of styles in the current Modern movement. 

We had a really nice day and discussion and we all led twitch FABRIC... You can't walk through City Quilter with out picking something up! 

One of my quilts from the book, hanging in my studio.

Rayna Gilman is a sweetheart. I met Rayna back when we started the NYC Metro Mod Quilters.  Her book:How to make your own Free Form quilts is really fun as well! Another must for your library of quilting books....

Jan Johnson Does amazing free style Embroidery, you should  indeed check her out.

Lisa and Caroline, brought their beautiful work and we got to see how a mother rubs off her quilting skills on to her daughter! ;-)  Very sweet!

A lovely day! Hope yours was great, too!