Friday, December 19, 2014

Sweet Dreams Blues

Seeing Rings!

I was convinced I would not get this top finished by Friday (finished Thursday!)... WOOT WOOT! I did it! Having been sick, I lost five days in the studio...  This customer quilt is due in January.... I was really sweating it!

You may recall that this is my second BLUE Double Wedding Ring, as my daughter claimed the other one as her future WEDDING QUILT... so yeah, I had to make a second version...

This version is a new pattern I designed, it's NOT in my new Double Wedding Ring book...
this time I went BIG! Below  you can see scale better, with me clowning around in front of it!


This was all about beautiful fabrics, and showing them off... Many Moda, French general indigos, vintage and new... a few kaffe prints, and well, any fabulous dark blues I had.  I used the same swirly light blue batik in the centers, which you can kind of see about in the melon... It's all soft blue... sweet dreams blue... ( it's to the left of my sewing mojo... yes, I found my sewing mojo in the box of chocolates.) hehe.

I added a little rounded scallop in the outer edges in the same light blue batik, so that when I bind it in a dark blue, the scallop will be outlined... I can't wait to bind it!

Here you can see scale better.. I made one LARGE ring, to show off the lovely fabrics...

Nope. I'm still not sick of Double Wedding Rings...
This time it was certainly more traditional then my others, but just as satisfying...
In fact, this scale makes me want one for my bed.


Shall I start cutting?

Pre-order here! Coming very soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Polka dots

Still taking it slow over here...


This is my "Personal App Quilt"  ... Yep!  It's for a special exhibit at Road to California in January... And I, (silly me) decided to hand quilt it, even though the deadline is the first week in January!

Not sure how well I thought that out, but I love the idea of sitting around hand stitching by the fireplace, or on my cozy couch, while I still recuperate!  Definitely feeling better, but still no energy... so if I sit around a lot, I can get a bunch done!

Oh well, it's been a good time to get sick. No more trips right away, and I can be lazy-ish.. and just sew...slow.

I've been taking an hour in the morning, and an hour at night to work on this... It's coming along nicely! Love all that texture it creates using big Sashiko stitching... Looks awesome on the polka dots, too!

I'll show the full quilt when I have it done... but for now, some happy color shots!

 Happy Stitching!!!

A great new issue to keep an eye out for, great quilts inside!  
(Quilters Newsletter special addition Tradition with a Twist , on stands Jan 6th)
( and an article with a whole bunch of quilt images from me!)
Hope you will enjoy it!

Monday, December 15, 2014

view from my couch

The view from my couch...
Yeah, Fun!

It takes a lot to nail me down to one spot... But Thursday afternoon took me down... I had a few doctor appointments pre-booked, as I had not been feeling well the last couple months, and now that I'm home, and done traveling, it felt like the right time to just get flat out sick. LOL....

Not a bad time to get sick, I got to veg-out for four days on my sofa... I had good company. Jenny Egg kept me warm...(an dogged the blankets) 
I got to cozy up with netflix and I pondered writing out my xmas cards, 
but my arms were to tired for that, so I slept, and slept, and slept, instead.  
And, I didn't even sew!!! (until today!)

Today I felt a bit better, so I only spent a small portion on my newly made nest... And today, I did sew. I am hand quilting my "personal app quilt", for an exhibit for Road to California.
More on that a bit later when I get it done... It's laying there, on the sofa... 
with the orange polka dots... ( I LOVE POLKA DOTS!)

It's no fun being sick... But hopefully I'm on the up swing, before Xmas.

The best news?
Getting this shot of this happy customer on his new race car quilt...

That makes me feel ALL BETTER!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's new!

January Schedule:

Visit my Shop page for holiday goodies! 

Also! I'm looking forward to QuiltCon where I will be teaching and lecturing!
I also entered one quilt and it was accepted! YAY!!! See you in Austin!!


08/10/15 to 08/14/15  
Madeline Island School of the Arts!

Monday, December 8, 2014

What FUN!!!

 First this arrived.... 
Awwww! Flowers for me!?

A box arrived...
What is it?

Traditions Made Modern BOOK!!!

What a great Monday!!!

They will arrive in January sometime!! 
(I won't have an exact date until they physically
 have them off the boat)

Thank you C&T publishing!!

Pre-order your copy HERE (CLICK)

I'm off to put my feet up and look at it!
It smells so new!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My little Wins!

Here are my Quilt Alliance INSPIRED BY Wins! 
You may recall I listed that my quilt was selling last week on ebay for the Quilt Alliance's fundraising auction...
 I bought these three little works, as they all made me smile...
I Just love Margaret's Hexagons... her inspiration quilt for her quilt is shown here.

 The hand work On Michele's is just so lovely it makes me think of my grandmother's hand work. Her inspiration quilt was actually the same as the next quilt that I bought!

Jodi's Modern Mini, the colors just felt like summer to me... Had to have it... Her inspiration quilt is here.

I'm starting to think about my NEXT contest 
quilt for the Quilt Alliance!
It's a fun theme!!!

Will you join in? 
Maybe I can then buy yours!!

All the info you need is HERE.

...and just maybe it will have Miss Jenny Egg's FACE on it!

What will be on yours??

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I'm excited to share that I will be teaching three workshops prior to the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, and three days of teaching a small 15 Minutes of PLAY hand bag at the Great Quilt Festival!  SQUEAL!!!
I'm so excited! I have been to Japan once before, but not for quilting...  So this will be so much fun!
I leave Jan 16th and return January 27th.

I'm excited to see the show! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

home, but...

We had a lovely time with out family in Seattle!
Sunday, Michael and Beatrice flew home, and I flew down to Orange County, CA...
I pulled the RAIN along with me from Seattle!

Above, clouds over Old Orange... The Cloudy amazing skies in CA were a joy to those who needed rain desperately! I was happy it was WARMISH...

I had a part of a day to PLAY, and went to visit my friend Jamie Fingal. Love her work, and was so excited to just visit her studio!  My head was spinning with ideas... I wanted to just sit right down and sew...  We ventured out a bit, to hit a few antique stores...

Thought I'd pick up a few clever Xmas gifts....
Would you want this under your tree?  (or on your bed??)

Or perhaps this one?


 I cleverly ended up bringing home a few gifts for myself! HA! love that when that happens... A beautiful bowl, and a plastic angel for my retro tree...

 I then spent a day shooting videos at Sizzix, That was so fun!  What a great place to play!

I got home Tuesday night, I'm home today to unpack, wash clothes, and repack, 

to catch a flight to Orlando tomorrow for a two day workshop with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild!  FUN!!!
That will be the last trip of the year...
(for quilty things anyway!  London at the end of the month, for family and fun!) WOOT WOOT!

You thought that was a crazy schedule... wait til you hear January's schedule...
 things will calm down...then.
I hope.