Monday, April 20, 2015

IQSCM workshop.

A HUGE Thank you to the amazing staff at the International Quilt Study Center for an amazing weekend.
(not pictured) Patricia Crews and Leslie Levy and, L to R: Johnathan Gregory, Laura Chapman, Marin Hanson, me, Carolyn Ducey, Kim Taylor, Dean Young, Joy Shalla Glenn & Mary Ourecky.

I look forward to coming back to Lincoln in June! See you then!

We held the class on Saturday, and dug right in for some major PLAY time!

We were lucky to have couple quilts hanging in the class room for inspiration!

 The students were very fast workers! Fabric was flying and ideas were popping left and right!
We talked about improv, color, choices for contrast and making moving in your quilt... Manipulating the fabrics, making the most of what you create.... A busy fun filled day!

Perhaps you will be inspired by what some of the students have made!

 The students always inspire me... I went back to my hotel that night and had ideas rolling around in my brain all night, and now I want to get back in the studio and make!!!   I love how teaching classes works both ways... You all are inspiring...

Thank you for that!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quilt House

I must remember to take more photos today! I took only this one!

Left to right:
Farm Girl, Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Karen McTavish
Elda's Flowers, Elda Wolfe ( my Grandmother)
A Summer's Day, Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Debby Ritenbaugh Brown
Luminous Views, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, quilted by Lisa Sipes
Double Edged Love, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, quilted by Lisa Sipes
Leona, Victoria Findlay Wolfe
not shown in this image: Greatest Possible Trust, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

The symposium started with Madelyn Shaw, speaking on "Civilians Face the War: Experiences on the Home Front" It was quite interesting to hear how the women were helping from him, using, sewing and re purposing all the fabrics they had to support the war...

A must see if you get the chance...

Next was Erika Doss, speaking on Piecing Grief, Making Claims: Commemorative Quilts and American Activism. Focusing on  quilts and monuments made to express our grief, and or public show of emotion...  Very interesting, to share how we work through grief through making quilts, (such as the AIDS quilt project, 9-11 quilt,  Agent orange quilt projects as examples) , or other public monuments (such as the Viet Nam Veterans memorial, 9-11 memorial, road side crash memorials as examples)

Then I ended the day, sharing on JOY....  "Quilts: Making, Giving and Sharing Joy"  I shared about how I decided a path to joy  for my life from a very young age, and how quilt making has brought me together with people I might not have ever  met.  How it has brought me joy to give quilts, and also to the people who receive your quilts to the community projects many of you have donated too.  How making a quilt gives hope and love, and a hug to those who need one. And ultimately, how a quilt is healing... Every time I make a quilt the process brings me joy. Every time I give a quilt, I feel I am in the right place, and that not only is it healing to me to make/give, but, healing to those who just need a supportive hand to say, we're here,we support you, you are valuable.
All that, by giving something hand made, with love...

It was an inspiring, exciting and a bit overwhelming day! Knowing that my quilts would be hanging here was one thing to ponder, but to see them hanging up, in this space,  is a very "pinch me" surreal moment...It's very humbling.  I'm honored, thankful & very grateful to the staff at IQSC/Quilt House for having my quilts hang here.

Today I'm teaching a class, and exploring playful ways to approach your quilt making and hopefully be inspired by a few of the quilts, at Quilt House. ( IQSC)

I'm so looking forward to playing with everyone... 

I'm off to be inspired!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why procrastinate?

First! The winner of the last post is : Bev kwiltpharm! Congrats Bev!!

What's up over here? Well, this week has been super busy.. not just with my own work stuff, but school events, Hubby's work events etc... So I've been going all day all night.

So today, I'm packing for my trip to the International Quilt Study Center! To see my DWR quilts, teach, lecture at the Symposium and just have loads of fun! Hope to see some of you there...

But packing... let's talk about that for a moment... I started very early this morning, thinking I could get it done really quick. But can I tell you? I can procrastinate packing and make a two hour job turn into 9 hours?  Sheesh! I am the worst at packing... Although I can get 10 other projects done, in that time...

For instance:

One: The above photo signature blocks... Yes, many of you have asked how is that project going... Well, they are slowing coning along... I have to square them up, trim them down, and well... check out how many I have!  I am trying to square a few up each day... ( see top photo)

Two:  Sleeves... I have two quilts that need sleeves, three need labels, one needs to be shipped today.
So I've conquered most of that already...

Three, four and five: Binding... Finished this quilt below, another cancer quilt being sent off. running to UPS shortly...

Six:  Bank.. I've been putting that off all week, I might as well go today, because I don't have anything else to do... (PACKING!!)

Seven:  Emails, I could do this at the airport too, and just get my suitcases packed.... or pack, then do emails...

Eight: rearrange classroom.  Yes, because that needs to be done today, (NOT)

Nine: party planning for my hubby's upcoming birthday... this is clearly stuff I can do on the airplane, or even at the airport... I should be packing!

Ten: blog post, FB'ing, Instagraming, heck, just going out for a walk, it's gorgeous outside...

But, I had to stop and Blog because I had to post my winner!

See! One must procrastinate to get stuff done.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...

Now I will go pack.


First, I will go ship the fabulous quilt off to someone who needs some love and support.

That's so much better then packing...

just saying.

Thanks for all your support...


Saturday, April 11, 2015


Julia Wood, Has a new book out!!! MORE QUICK AND EASY HEXIE QUILTS! with AQS
 This is her second book using the circle technique for making hexies. It includes 10       
    patterns for quilts and related items. Complete instructions are given for making 
    hexies from circles of fabric. The patterns in the book can be made with ANY    

    hexagon technique, including English Paper Piecing.

Julia and I met through our blogs way back when, then met face to face, one year at the Houston Quilt Festival! She has been very busy gal!
 Not only has she a new book, but she has a blog dedicated to HEXIE's and also a new 
   Julia says, "I started Hexie Love at the beginning of this year. I wear ALL the hats in the 
     production process – I’m the editor, manager, etc. At this point it is only digital. 
     Hexie Love includes articles by talented hexagon quilt artist from all over the 
     world. There is always a scrappy hexie pattern, a small hexie project or two, a 
     book review, and lots more hexagon inspiration! There are 6 issues per year 
     priced at $5.99 each. A year’s subscripton if $26.99"

Center medallion of the progressive quilt, ODYSSEY, which is patterned in each issue of this year’s Hexie Love – By the end of the year, a subscriber will have all the step in the pattern.

Would you like to WIN a copy of an issue?
Leave me copy telling me if you've made a Hexie quilt before? 
Was it Paper pieced? machine pieced? EEP?
Are you new to Hexie's?? 

I'll draw a winner April 15th, 9am.
be sure I have an email to reach you.
50% of all comments come in as no reply, which means I can not contact you if you win...
You can do a quick google search to find out if you are such, and how to fix it...
 leave me your email in the comment typed out  like this:  
 your name at  gmail dot com..... something like that... ;-)

April 6  Bonnie Hunter

April 7  Catherine Redford

April 8   Linda Franz

April 9  Cheryl Sleboda
April 10
Geta Grama
April 11  
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
April 12 Becky Campbell  
April 13 Joan Shay 

This is one of my HEXIE quilts... "Something Old, Something NEW"
I used my Giant Hex Templates for this, which will be in my webshop shortly!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Fling! Sizzix!

The SIZZIX Spring Fling Blog Hop

PLAY! SPRING! Flowers!

I will force up the spring flowers even if I have to DIE cut them!
Although I did see my snowdrops have finally bloomed!! That's a start isn't it? 
I think we will go from winter, direct to summer...

In the meantime I was playing with several Sizzix die Flowers this past week! Sizzix has some very very cute Flower dies, and by being able to cut 8 layers at a time means, I can have a flush garden of blooms in no time flat!

Sizzix Product Numbers:

Item # 656784 

 Item # 659810

The parts department! 
I cut out a giant hexagon and star point from my acrylic template sets, (Will be in the shop soon)  and then fused a bunch of solids with a lightweight misty fuse. Some of them I left unfused... as I want to leave them fluff up and be dimensional... 

After getting my backing ground together, I played with the layout, until I had an idea...

I wanted to also make a second Quilt Alliance challenge quilt, Animals we love... so of course... 
why not a....

DOG bursting through the flowers!

A few more details, then a few more.... a smile and a floppy Big red tongue!

A bit of free motion quilting, and a bit more hand quilting using 
black Aurifil 12 wt thread!

I love a touch of hand quilting...

I got so excited to have this done, that I put the binding on it before I even finished the quilting! Just the background star left to quilt, that she's done!
A fun project to get me out of my own comfort zone! Happy to be thinking FLOWERS!!

Be sure to visit the others on the blog hop to see what they came up with!

( I know I have a picture of Jenny Egg doing this somewhere...She's mute on that subject.)

The Spring Fling Blog Hop

Mon, April 6 - Jamie Fingal
Tues, April 7 - Nicole Daksiewicz
Wed, April 8 - Leslie Tucker Jenison
Thurs, April 9 - Cindy Cooksey
Fri, April 10 - Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Sat, April 11 - Sue Bleiweiss
Sun, April 12 - Jessee Maloney
Mon, April 13 -Karin Jordan

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


In August I will be teaching a fun class on improv PLAY and piecing the Double Wedding Ring!
Please come and play at this beautiful island with me. Let me show you the tips and tricks you need to be successful in designing your own beautiful work of art!

Only a few spots left!

You can be as out of the box as you like, or just come to learn the skills needed to make any version of a double wedding ring that you like, modern, traditional or otherwise!

Do you have my new book Traditions Made Modern?  Flip through to see what strikes your fancy!
You can learn how my play inspires my quilt designs. Learn paper piecing skills, curved pricing, build your confidence, and just have loads of fun in on of my classes!

You can purchase a signed copy of my book at my website here.

Any of the Double wedding rings that have a pattern included in the book are options for you to make  during a week of classes at the beautiful Madeline Island!

These two: Strings of Florid blooms, and Bright Lights, Big City are the same pattern, but added paper piecing! Two birds, one stone!  Big pieces, means your quilt will grow quickly!

Which ones do you want to make?
Want a more traditional pattern? Let's do it! Here I used fabrics to help show my memories of Christmas at my grandparent's home... So many options! So much fun!

Come play, design, create with me....

Or perhaps you are so out of the box, you want to deconstruct the DWR.... 
This is the quilt for you!

Don't miss this chance to have me work with you for 5 days to answer all your DWR questions.
 DWR's are not hard, but they are patience builders! And who doesn't need more patience?
I can not wait!
Share with your guild! Road trip! ;-)

Click here for more info on MISA.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Drunkard Path redo!

Reviving and OLDIE!!

I made this top, probably back in 2008. I can't find the original post for it...I have had it in a box at my house, for all these years. Every once in a while I think I should rip that top apart...  I hated the layout I did... I always wanted to rip it apart and use the DARK as the paths, and not the light...
Well, that day came!

Seize the day!  (this was Saturday that I took apart this top)

Apparently, Saturday was the day to SEIZE the quilt! I have to say, I look very serious here, But, I was SO ENJOYING ripping that top apart! hahaha! Why is that so satisfying?? I couldn't stop until I had it all back to the original blocks...

It was quite satisfying to re-press them, clean up the threads, and re-do a layout... this time, using the DARKS as the distinguishing paths...

Ahhh! Yes, I really like that better... and what's not to like! I do LOVE a BIG FOUR BLOCK QUILT! I love, love, love, them! So this was right up my alley!

I got all my strips cut and was cruising along, then I had to stop and make dinner... BOO!
Oh well, It's so close to being a top I love! It only took me seven years to get to it!


I started in sewing my strips for the borders first thing on Sunday morning... Soon after I was contemplating what was going to happen in the very middle...  Sewing on my favorite JUKI, TL2010Q... Speedy zoom zoom!

The corner stones... 
I first made the 9 patches all the same, then I thought, what If the middle one changes to the opposite... Neither really floated my boat... so I tired again....

I had four Drunkard path blocks left over, so I sewed them together to make the center whirly shape in these blocks.. hen I cut out the center of it... so I was left with a mini swirly curved center spiny thingy... (How's that for technical words?) 

I decided that I liked the movement and the connection it made to the four big blocks.... and this will be my final layout.  I do want to add another border, but I'm very low on these two fabrics... Perhaps I will find another navy blue/cheddar repro that I like enough to want to add a bit more around... But for now... I'm so pleased with this OLD TOP RE-DO!

Now the Parts are done, and just need to sew on the borders...
After that?
A fabric shopping trip that find that other repro fabric to make it larger! ;-)  Bummer!

I'm very pleased I took the time to go back and fix the top I had... Just because tops we've made and lost interest on are sewn together... we can go back and revisit them, take apart, cut them up, turn them into something else! PROOF is here! It works!!

See if you have an old top you can retrieve and set NEW EYES on! You've come along way, baby! Your quilty "eyes and likes" have changed over the years, go back and see what you can do with all that new quilty knowledge and bring an old ho-hum top, to it's full glory!