Saturday, January 30, 2016


Goes to Fast...
Never enough time...
Enjoy every minute...
Be grateful every moment...
Accept where time has lead you...
Each day is precious.

My word for 2016...TIME.

Playing in my mini scraps, I built my word freeform... It's not perfect, neither am I. But I love it just the way it is.

This will be my hand quilting this project with my Aurifil 12wt threads, on the cruise. I am teaching my mini technique on the cruise, too! One of my favorite things to teach. It's very fun... liberating indeed.

I use my MINI templates... available in my shop... also great for a fabulous postage stamp quilt!
 ( just saying)

I'm of on the Aurifil cruise to each!... I'll see you all in a week!


Thursday, January 28, 2016


My project was featured in the April 2016 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine! See my project, as well as other featured projects from this issue, here:

Hey who is that head in the bubble?  She Looks familiar!  Please hop out to find a copy of this April Issue of APQ magazine!  You will see a a whole bunch of goodies in this issue! I can't wait see it myself!

Quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe Image courtesy of APQ all rights reserved
This is one fo the quilts I share in the issue... Using all my Mostly Manor in a nice light palette, with my White  & Gold Manor Stripes on the border, makes the whole quilt sparkle! Gott love the Yellow ELISE print fussy cut int he centers too, so luscious!  You can pop over the Website shop to pick up your Mostly Manor Fabrics!!  You will also have a view of my studio space, my process and my home!

Behind the scenes!
We had such a fun time at this photo shoot for APQ... A Lot of fun ideas were bounced around:
Quilts, taxi's, Times square etc, but ultimately we went to the roof of my building... 
Nothing like a NYC roof top. ;-)

The things you have to do to get a good clean studio shot!  haha!

It was s much a fun day, with a great group of people...  I'm honored... Thanks APQ!

Check out the issue for Jenny Egg's debut photo shoot for APQ, too.

See if you can find her in the magazine. (She is quite the poser!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today's Gifts!

...People are kind.
I rcvd an email from lovely lady in Minnesota ,who had purchased this quilt in an auction in Eagan, MN, in 1979, and had it hanging in her home for 25 years!

It needed a new home, and it came to me.  THANK YOU SUSAN!!!

There are many details in old quilts that I love, but one of my most favorites, are the TEENY TINY bindings, they often have...
This quilt has a few burned out fabrics, but it does not change the sweetness of it. There are many great prints, that we see now, reproduced in different color ways.

The little details of appliqué are nice, as are the lavender and pick centers on the Dresden plates...
The quilt blocks and border are machine pieced. The dresden's are hand appliquéd on a heavy muslin, and it's hand quilted. It has flannel for batting. Many of the fabrics are shirtings, and aprox only 20 different fabrics used. Binding is small, and machine sewn on.

And it's LABELED!!!
YAY!!!  See how nice it is to look at a 83 year old quilt, flip it over and see who it was made for and when?  Ultimately I'd like to know who MOTHER was.. But really.... Something is better then nothing!

LABEL YOUR QUILTS! They will be around much longer then you!!  It's real treat to find this on the back of the quilt...

Lilian was a lucky daughter. ;-)

Gift #2:

I was quite happy today!  I made it to my studio and am starting to feel nearly normal again!  Although my ears are still blocked and still stuffy nosed sinus stuff, My body feels like I am on the mend... Thank goodness, 12 days of that nonsense was not fun... Besides, I'm getting on the plane to fly to Florida for the Aurifil Quilting Cruise Sunday!!!  ...And I don't want to be sick anymore, or have blocked ears on the airplane! They hurt bad enough this past week... So I was VERY HAPPY to be back with my JUKI TL2010Q  humming along...

That SNOW!  So where does all that snow go in NYC?
on the sidewalks of course... LOL....
No, not all sidewalks, but some do get only a small path shoveled through, This makes it difficult  to get around in a walking mobile city...

 (before)  Sunday. 

(After! ) Today!

GIFT #3:
Good news is that it was WARM today and half of it melted!!
My balcony table and chairs, where 26.8" sat on the table just  a few days ago, 
is completely gone today!

That's my kind of snow...  

;-) GONE!

**Half yard bundles of Mostly Manor were added to the website.... They are going fast!

Friday, January 22, 2016


It's been a crazy week here;  Being sick, and a  crazy fire next door to my apartment, yeah, weird...
you may have saw all that on my Facebook page.    But as I lay on my couch, resting, I received some very nice emails from people sharing their projects with me. Thank you for sending me pictures of your works!

Ellinor sent me a picture of her yearly "WORD" quilt, that I usually make every year over at 15minutesplay website...    (We haven't done anything new over there in a while, but there is loads of inspiration still there, if you need a good challenge!)

Ellinor chose ACTION. She said:
For the first time on Jan, 1st I knew my word of the year (learnt about this tradition on your blog). I had no previous experience with piecing letters and had to overwork the A after C had been done J It was such fun to just go for it without much planning and I really enjoyed the hand quilting.

Kim made her word, THREAD, using scraps, machine applique and Hand embroidery!  Loving the scissors binding!

I did select my word, LOVE, right away at New Years, but TIME has eluded me to make it... So I think perhaps I should change my word to TIME!  How precious it is...

I'm looking forward to having some quiet time on the Aurifil Cruise leaving Jan 31st! And some Healthy Vitamin D to kick the yucky stuff out of my system... ;-)  I think I will make my WORD to take with me to hand quilt. Sounds like the perfect, quiet time" project!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Laying low over here this week. Ear infection, sinus infection, pink eye! (I feel like a 5th grader) Migraine, sore throat, you name it, I've got it.  

I blame it on airports. 

I'll be here on the couch, if anyone needs me. 


Saturday, January 16, 2016


Kathy W, Sent me a photo of her quilt using a pattern I did a few years ago for American Quilter's Society Magazine, "Dances With Stars!" is the pattern from this AQS magazine below. You can still order back copies of it here.  
Or you may have it still in that big pile over by your sewing machine!  :-)  

Isn't this gorgeous??  I love the color combo. She said she used up what she had, which I find very comforting!  You can do really neat things by just using what you have... This is so clean and lovely, AND she quilted this on her Elna!  Way to go Kathy!  GORGEOUS!!  Thank you for Sharing with us!!

This make me want to cut up fabric right now, and make another version of my own pattern with Mostly Manor Fabrics!!!

Hmmm.... Maybe I will!
Soon as I find my copy!!
(I can't find it!!) Argh!

8 FQ Manor Stripe bundles were added to my website shop!  Slowly but surely!
Half yard bundles are next... Not enough hours in the day!!!
(Especially when you have a sore throat and and annoying cough!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016



It's been a fun couple days here!! FABRIC ARRIVED!!!!  I have been slowly adding items to my website, and as of today, Yardage and FQ bundles are up!
1/2 yard bundles will be put up next...

I also have Three new patterns listed.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: The PATTERNS, Family Album, Big Box Star, and Tumbling arrows come two ways....

with the acrylic template, 

and without the acrylic template... 
(for those of you who ALREADY have the required acrylic template)

There are NO PAPER TEMPLATES included in the patterns. 

They are patterns specifically for my acrylic template line.  
Because of the nature of my quilt designs, CUTTING on the Family album and Big Block Star, you would NOT want to do with a paper template anyhow... Accuracy is always key for great looking quilt.


Monday, January 11, 2016


Revisiting the process of a special quilt.

The options to consider when making a quilt.. I love to try all the possible options before I sew them together... Looking is key. Then Selecting your favorite! Take lots of photos so you can flip back through to see what you love.

This was fun quilt to make. It was quick quilt, and holds a big graphic punch!   It warmed and brought so much joy to my dear friend, who has now been laid to rest.  He often sent me photos of the quilt, and messages saying how much he loved it and  how it helped... So make and share a quilt...  :-)   

Sharing that kind of joy, is just the best.

I'm heading back to NYC today.