Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fresh Quilts!

The new Issue of FRESH QUILTS is out! I just love this magazine, Fresh is right! 
Beautiful layouts and fun projects...

Including my Twilight quilt!  
I totally love it on the back of a pick up truck!  hehe! 

Check it out!

Facebook page:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Witchy Ways

Ha! A bit late!
I had planned on making a fun "Witchy Ways" quilt for the Cherrywood WICKED challenge, and had many ideas...  I whipped this little guy up, and meant to work on this summer on the road... Except that didn't happen....
I couldn't get my mojo up and running to hand quilt it...
I planned on adding a lot of texture to the background and add some fun designs etc. I started a few times, using my green from my Aurifil 12 wt. thread sets...(can be bought in my shop)   Then got sidetracked...

Well, the contest has come and gone, and my piece was still sitting here...
Have you seen the winners? They are amazing!!!... See here. and here on the main page...

If you are coming to Quilters Take Manhattan you can see the traveling quilts there too!

Coming to the  party at my home? Check out the After Dark party info on the Quilters Take Manhattan webpage. ;-) FUN!

Can't make it? Or missed getting your ticket as the FIT event with my Butler has sold out... (there are other add on's still here: Quilters Take Manhattan

We have HOME TICKETS for the event!
Home ticket graphic Click here to purchase your Home Ticket online.
Enjoy the event from your home by purchasing a "Home Ticket." For $25 you'll receive first access to event video footage online, a packed event goody bag with samples and treats from all of our sponsors, and a chance to win select door prizes. And you'll be playing an important role in supporting the work of the Alliance.
Please note: additional postage required for orders outside of the US and Canada.

 See, I get sidetracked, again...


Last night I sat down, put my feet up,  and didn't stop!

Now I don't want to stop! It's almost done! 
It's not as complicated or "designed" as I had planned,
 But sometimes, mindless big stitch quilting is just so relaxing and satisfying!
I need to find black to quilt those witches.. rats! Don't have any. ;-(

Friday, August 15, 2014

quilts in the house.

Quilts around my house...

Can you believe my master bed room at my house does not have one of my quilts on the bed? 10 years ago when we renovated our house, I wasn't a full time quilter. I wen tot a fancy home store and found this incredibly soft Indian cotton blanket for my bed... It's still so very soft, but.... The cotton is so thin it is starting to disintegrate from fading and washing... 

I have attempted to make myself the "new" replacement for this one... I think I can safely say I have started about 6-10 quilts to be the "ONE", and I have to tell you, none of them are...the one. LOL. In fact the top left one, ended up on my bed at my NYC loft bedroom...   

Although this one, looks pretty fun on my bed... today.  But I want something with more BROWN in it... Will keep on playing...

I thought I'd share with you the quilts that have found their place, in my home... On the above bed, a quilt I made back in 2008. Vintage blocks used with one line of fabric and mitered striped borders. I still love that quilt... I also have several throws in that room.. The orange chain quilt, a ralli quilt, and yet another purchased one on the seat of the couch....WIth some crazy~ fluffyyellow/orangey pillows I made!
 Here is a silk quilt I made probably in 2009, It is still not BOUND!  But still lives on my lounge chair... along with a hand quilted hexagon pillow.
One vintage quilt covers the dog crate. Kia often sleeps onto of her crate as well, so we always keep a quilt there for her to rest on. A 9 patch throw lays on my couch along with yet another OLDIE on the seat of the couch, circa 2008. Having dogs in my house, means, I need to be able to wash the quilts... often...
Although you can see my pillows need to be washed constantly too... Kia made herself comfy on a gifted pillow from Stephanie from Venus de Hilo...  ( I did a story on her and her beautiful quilts in the current issue of The Quilt Life)
Kia gets a break today, She had a heart attack yesterday, (!!!) (my poor sweet girl)  Now with her new meds, she needs a special pillow to rest her sweet self on...She's doing much better today.  
So scary!!

 Antique quilts and A few of my favorites are spread around the house, most of these don't get used, they just look nice. LOL.

A couple hang draped around the house... One old rail fence top, I finished back in 2008, and the other red yellow blue one, was from my grandparents, from the "non quilter" side of my family. We think perhaps was purchased from a church bazaar at one time. I do like the bright happy colors.

Is your house covered in quilts? 
I think on average, every room here, has at least four handmade quilts.  ;-) 
That's a good thing!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

lazy days of August.

Taking a breather.... these last few weeks of August are my vacation time... So not much quilting going on over here.... Loads of cooking though! Today it was requested for old fashioned potato salad, so that is what it shall be!

 It's been so cool here, yesterday, it was actually int eh 80's so we spent the day at the pool... I couldn't resist bumping Beatrice into the pool, and well, you can see above the outcome of my behavior... yes, in I went, clothes and all. hehehe.
Having a great time. (so worth it!)

Starting to think about Fall, back to school, and what fun events will be happening....

QUILTING LIVE first in Atlanta! Come on down!

Then we have Quilter's Take Manhattan!  ...and the big after dark party at my house!

And after that, Quilter's Way  lecture with myself and Alex Veronelli of Aurifil.  Hope to see you at some of the events! I see "WE" are OUT of STOCK at Quilters way page! I guess it's sold out. haha!

You can always check my full calendar schedule here.

Although I'm trying to take a break from work... I still have been shopping for upcoming projects...  sigh.  I will not cut into this until I get back to NYC...  even though I'd like too, this is my vacation, I best make good use of it, and relax!  Busy year ahead, but all fun, and joyous, with QUILTS!

A few new changes....
I switched my website, (even though it still will load to bumblebeansinc) to
I'm going to slowly convert my email address to the same... so if you have me in your address book, please change me over to the NEW email:
vfwquilts @

I haven't decided to change the blog yet... perhaps a soon.... I can't seem to add an extra url, without deleting the original... unless someone know how to tell me to do that?... I'd like to just change the blog to I can see how to do that easily in blogger, but then all who follow won't know that I changed it...  I need you all to be prepared, If I give you fair warning?
Or you won't find me!
and then I'd be sad.
I don't want to be sad. ;-) and bumblebeansinc @ gmail  is still existing....but,  I will slowly merge it out.  

So, for now, I'm off to relax a couple more weeks. Posting will be quiet over here til Sept.  We are all as a family, Myself, Beatrice, Michael and my Stepson and Granddaughter  will head to St. Andrews by the Sea, NB in another week or so... to see my BIL's  family....
Any quilters reading this, that live up that way in NB Canada?

Don't forget PRE ORDERS for my next book can be purchased at my website shop!
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I added my Husband's Paperback version of his book, The Value of Art. Signed copies can also be purchased from my website.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Pre-orders are now available on my website for my new Book 
Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern
Releasing in January.

Thank you!

Pre orders should be checked out as a single order, do not combine other purchases with your pre-order... Thank you.


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Sunday, August 3, 2014

labels and sleeves

Home a week, and trying to find my stride... between unpacking,(still haven't unpacked my suitcase), relaxing, cooking ( so nice to have home cooked meals again)  and trying to get work done, I'm floundering around a bit... Haven't gotten my good camera out of my bag yet, so I phone photos will do for today. LOL... sigh...

I put the binding on this star quilt meant for a friend, which is long over do. Label on it today, ship it tomorrow.

I'm also adding labels and sleeves to some quilts for different exhibits. It occurred to me that  a small talk on labels on your quilts would be appropriate today...  I have a few quilts that were sent in for display with NO LABELS on them at all. If I didn't know who they were, I would have no idea who to get the quilts back to... Even if you were sending it out just to be photographed, bound or whatever...put your name on it and phone number.

 If you have a quilt leaving your house, whether you think it's important to you or not, PLEASE put your name, address, phone number email etc on that label.  Write it  on the quilt or sew on a  label.Your quilts are a show of your hard work!  And frankly the quilts are going to last longer then all of us, so it's also your legacy!

Having been on the board of the Quilt Alliance where we document share and preserve the stories of quilters, I have seen some amazing quilts over the years without any info on them. We are always asking, "Wow! Wish I knew more about this quilt, at least a name to think about who put in the hard work..."   This is not a hard step to do, after putting all that hard work into your quilts.

Even if your are writing on the backing of your quilt in a fabric pen, DO SO.
Put your mark and be proud of your beautiful effort.

Quilts do disappear.

So what do you need on that label? 
This is what I write:

Name of the quilt if it has one.
Made by:     
City & State  of person who made it.        Year made.
Quilted by: ( if not you)
City & State of person who quilted it
(full address if it's a show/work quilt)

Who is receiving the quilt:
City & State in which that person lives

your Email & their email
extra : your Phone number 
(I add a phone number to Show/work quilts, but not necessarily for gift quilts)

A line or two about the quilt.
For example: was it a donation, was it a gift, what inspired it, etc

Hand write, sew on a label, or add it inside the quilt... just label it.

You can of course, make your label as fancy as you like and/or write your name on the back of the quilt.. Computer printouts are popular or, have fancy ones made... 

I personally appreciate the Handwritten label by the quilt maker.  It's like putting my signature to a document... I like it like a personal hand written thank you note... special.

So that's my thoughts on labels...  Please read on to help fellow quilter whose quilts were stolen.


Recently,  Nancy Rink had several quilts stolen. All have labels on them, Let's hope they help in getting her quilts back to her.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm home!
I reached my house on long island at 11am today. and I won't be budging from here until we go to St. Andrews by the sea, New Brunswick, Canada, to see my brother-in-law's family in a few weeks.


It was an amazing trip! I enjoyed every second of it. I do love to drive, and franklyI  do my best work driving, thinking, singing along loudly to the music...   I have a new idea for a interesting quilt... But I can't get off the patio couch today... I am going for a massage tomorrow, as long as they don't touch my foot!  ( yes, my ow-ie foot)

While in St. Louis, I opened up the back of my "packed to the brim" car, and out fell a full case of my books, corner of the box, pointing down at the top of my foot...  Instantly had a goose egg on top of my foot, but it was pretty OK until this past week...

Now she hurts.  So I shall take my foot to twee the doc. ;-)

The trip was very eventful!
They say things go in threes, right?
So first, the poor dear who had the allergy episode in my lecture...
Second was breaking my foot, 
and three, the guy who crashed on I80, in front of me...

But all is well. 
and I am home.
And I had an amazing trip.

I just came home from Quilting by the lake where I taught for 5 days. It was WONDERFUL!!!!
Do try to get up there and take some classes, one July.... I hope to come back in 2016... I enjoy being in NY state teaching for 5 days, and having the same students to work with them through their entire projects...

I had amazing roommates, fellow teachers, Ann Johnston, and Elizabeth Busch.   
Amazing women with great talent...

My week started off with my 15 Minutes of Play class...(Monday-Tuesday)  I usually do this as a full day class, with loads of techniques...Here I had two days to get down and dirty with the students.  They were a super group who produced a huge amount of work in two days. See the pics below.

I prefer longer classes when teaching. I don't like being rushed, or I feel like I can't get you all the info I want you to have.... But 14 hours... That's when the fabric really flies...

I'll post more about QBL, later this week, when I get the images off my phone from the last three days.

For now, my foot is up on a pillow, and I may just need a nap.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've missed you!! 
I'm back in my home state, and settled in Upstate New york at Quilting By the Lake where I will be teaching all week! Here's my little dorm room, and I'm here with my pod mates, Ann Johnston and Elizabeth Busch.  It's going to be a fun week!

Love this version of my Stripe it rich quilt!

It has been an awesome trip this summer. Visiting, teaching and lettering all over the midwest... I left yesterday morning very aryl to drive 11 hours to Syracuse... on the way, I made a pit stop at Niagara Falls as I had never been there... What a sight!  (Stripe it rich quilt pattern here)

It was just the calming view I needed after the way my early morning started out....

Driving along yesterday early, music playing... la la la... The car in front of me suddenly goes right off the road taking out 30 feet of guard rail...crashes and flips...
I stopped right behind him, and called 911 right away... Amazingly... the guy was fine... Here he is inspecting his car...
I'm so happy he was OK, holy moly... I was quite frazzled after that.. I chatted with him a bit until the police got there...One lucky dude... He fell asleep and it only took about 3 seconds...
Not a scene I want to come across again, anytime soon....

When he got out of the car, Through the back of his min van... and I found out he was pretty much OK, (the air bag bruised him up a bit)
I asked if I can call any of his family...

He didn't know any of his families phone numbers... they were al on his phone....

Learn your important people's phone numbers...

You may need them one day when you don't have your phone...


Be safe my quilty friends...